Michalis Kontos


The general research purpose of this article is to examine how civil society and opinion leaders in Cyprus incorporate affairs related to state power and inter-state power distribution in their beliefs and assessments. A very important aspect of this relation is Cyprus’ ‘smallness’ vis-à-vis other parties involved in the Cyprus Conflict. In this context, the article discusses Greek Cypriot perceptions of the Cyprus Problem. More specifically, it examines Greek Cypriot perceptions on two particular issues: i) the uneven distribution of capabilities between Cyprus and Turkey, and ii) the interaction among the directly-involved parties and other external actors, which forms a broader balance of power that impacts significantly on the structure of the Cyprus Problem.



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“State Power, Ideology, and Societal Beliefs in Cyprus: How Society in a Small State Perceives Uneven Power Relations”. 2023. Cyprus Review 35 (1): 29-57. https://cyprusreview.org/index.php/cr/article/view/922.