Deadline extended until 10 September 2021

The Cyprus Review invites submissions for a special section of its upcoming issue on

Minority Groups in Cyprus: A Critical Reappraisal  

There is a general scarcity of social science research, both quantitative and qualitative, about minorities in Cyprus. Social scientists tend to engage in a discussion of the main minorities of the island by focusing on their historical development, their culture, educational and linguistic issues, as well as their integration. Their relationship with the majority is mainly viewed through the lens of the Cyprus Question and the demands of minority groups themselves. The abnormal political situation prevailing on the island due to the Cyprus Question inevitably impinges on the definition of who should be included in the notion of a minority and has de facto translated into narrow avenues of research.

An extensive literature considering the social definition of minorities has noted that the social concept of a minority group implies a numerically smaller group in a certain society that differentiates itself by ethnicity, creed, doctrine, rituals, practices or otherwise. However, a numeric definition of such a group does not suffice to properly appreciate its social status. The number of its members is amenable to the historical contingency of its emergence and development and subject to change. Other variables, such as the pattern of interaction with other groups, the privileged access to political or financial resources of some of their leading members and the group's smooth functioning are all relevant to social status. The size of a minority community does not exhaust questions of collective social status or everyday experiences.

With the objective of contributing to the development and proliferation of studies of minority questions focusing on Cyprus, the oldest Cyprological journal of social sciences, The Cyprus Review launches a call for papers for its forthcoming issue and invites all interested scholars to consider submitting original contributions in the Social Sciences widely defined and including the fields of International Affairs, Politics and Governance, , History,  Law, Education and other related fields, always pertinent to Cyprus.

Following below is a highly indicative list of topics:

  • The history of minority groups in Cyprus
  • Minority identities in the Cypriot context
  • Minority groups as political actors
  • Politicians, opinion leaders, and minority groups
  • Minority groups and state institutions/policy making
  • Definitions, types, and classifications of minority groups in Cyprus
  • Minority rights and human rights
  • The law on the identification and protection of minority groups
  • Cypriot civil society and minority groups
  • Minority groups and cultural heritage
  • Art, creation, and minority groups
  • Legacies of minority groups
  • Language, educational practice, and minority groups
  • Inclusion, exclusion, identity, otherness, and minority groups
  • Hate speech, segregation, polarisation, and minority groups


This is not an exclusive list. On the contrary, we urge prospective authors to think out of the box, endorse bold new ideas, and research the various aspects of this topical question. Articles should have a relevance to the case of Cyprus, thus enhancing Cyprological studies and research.

Submission Instructions

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  • Interested scholars should send their papers to the following email address [email protected] or submit their articles through our online platform available at the Review's web page, not later than 10 September 2021 (new deadline).
  • All submissions should be identified in the email subject with the heading CR-MG.