The leading Cyprological journal The Cyprus Review (CR) announces the results of its Annual Book Awards in the category ‘Law’ for books published within 2020. The Editor-in-Chief of the CR would like to express her warm appreciation to the members of the Scientific Committee Achilles C. Emilianides, Christia Middleton, Elias Stephanou, Stergios Mitas, and Anna Plevri.

The award ‘Constantinos Emilianides’ is awarded jointly to Nicholas A. Ioannides for his book Maritime Claims and Boundary Delimitation (Routledge), and to Athanasia Hadjigeorgiou for her book Protecting Human Rights and Building Peace in Post-Violence Societies (Hart). The Scientific Committee unanimously decided that the two books deserve the award, since they are structured and systematic works with clear research objectives and which contain significant primary research, exhaustive literature review, and in-depth analysis of the subject matter, offering original insights to international legal debates. Both books analyse topics of public international law, the first focusing on the law of the sea, whereas the second on international human rights theory and international relations.

The results on the remaining categories, and details of the award ceremony, will be announced in due time.