Dr Fotios Nikolaou


This study aims to highlight the various aspects of the consumer’s right of withdrawal from a distance or off-premises contract, as set out in Directive 2011/83/EU and its amending Directive 2019/2161/EU. First, it deals with the regulatory framework of Articles 20-27 of Cypriot Consumer Protection Law 112(I)/2021 (legal-policy objective, period, and ways of exercising of the right, legal consequences arising from the exercise, exceptions). Then, the study discusses the legal nature of the said right. Finally, it analyses the need for a mandatory right of withdrawal, equally accessible to all categories of consumers and simple in its exercise, on the field of distance or off-premises contracts.



Cypriot Consumer Protection Law 112(I)/2021, Directive 2011/83/EU, Directive 2019/2161/EU, consumer, trader, right of withdrawal, distance or off-premises contract

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