Eirini Iliopoulou Pafsanias Karathanasis


This article presents the emergence and development of grassroots and self-organised activism in Nicosia. Following the thread of crucial actions, including the Occupy Buffer Zone (OBZ) movement, within the UN controlled area of the old town of Nicosia, we elaborate on a transforming political subjectivity, exploring its timeline, composition, demands, practices and potentials. Through everyday practice and direct socio-political and cultural action, activists contest the dominant narratives and the institutionalised ‘bi-communal’ co-operation towards a ‘communal’ identity and a new radical politics. They manage to produce common space of demand in the old town, while localising the global call for action inspired by the recent global uprisings. Finally, we examine the rise of burgeoning new dynamics in times of capitalist crisis and the new tasks ahead.



Buffer Zone, Occupy movement, grassroots activism, political subjectivity, walled city of Nicosia, community

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