Barbara Karatsioli


Partitioned Cyprus has known two major crises in the last ten years: first, the 1999–2001 Turkish Cypriot crisis, and second, the Greek Cypriot watershed since 2009. Both have significantly transformed the identity and imaginary of the state. Given that crisis is a field of subjectivation and changing forces, can social movements go so far as to challenge the division and create the conditions for reunification? The 2002 Turkish Cypriot protests have claimed reunification whilst affirming the Turkish Cypriot people’s sovereignty. How does this movement spill over to affect the rapprochement ‘on the border’ and Greek Cypriots more generally? As the crisis strikes Greek Cypriots, and state sovereignty is rapidly contested through EU intervention, can Greek and Turkish Cypriots engage together towards reunification and the creation of a new state? Can we imagine a new state when in a state of crisis?



crisis, identity, state, sovereignty, peace, austerity, rapprochement, Cypriotism, protests

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