Gregoris Ioannou


This article discusses the conditions that prevail in the Cyprus1 labour market after the onset of the economic crisis. The analysis takes the form of a chronological narrative on the development of the crisis, its impact on employment relations and the attempts of the political elite to manage it through austerity measures. The article argues that the recession and the rising unemployment accelerated and exacerbated already existing tendencies of labour market deregulation and trade union marginalisation while in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Troika and its aftermath, historical work rights and benefits as well as living standards were eroded, extending the condition of ‘precarity’ to broader sections of the Cyprus labour force. It is primarily a descriptive account which reports the recent developments in an attempt to map out the changes in the field of employment, situate them in their historical context and preliminarily assess their significance.



crisis, employment relations, Cyprus labour market, Troika

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