Ms Andrea Manoli


COVID-19 has led to an abrupt change in the time spent self-isolated in our domestic residence. The introduction of self-isolation or lockdown measures have increased domestic violence significantly. The Republic of Cyprus has implemented stay-at-home measures which saw a rise of approximately 30% of domestic violence incidences. It is thus of outmost importance to acknowledge the long-standing pandemic which was once again unearthed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bearing in mind the above, the current paper will identify and analyse the international, regional, and national legal framework which aims at preventing, protecting, and combating domestic violence. The terrifying increase of domestic violence during the pandemic has showed an increased demand in empowering women, mothers and children by spreading awareness with regard to the tool-box available for the prevention, protection, and combat
against domestic violence.



domestic violence, human rights, COVID-19, Istanbul Convention, violence against women


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