Dr Ioannis Rossidis Dr Dimitrios Belias


The use of e-governance systems is crucial for the efficiency and effectiveness of public administrations. Despite significant steps in the integration of information technology in the previous years, Cyprus and Greece are still far from the European average. The COVID-19 pandemic forced State authorities to adopt emergency measures, aiming, among other things, to prevent the social gatherings of citizens. In this context, bold administrative reforms previously opposed during the design and implementation phase are now being attempted. Greece has progressed significantly during the pandemic, potentially setting an example for Cyprus despite the problematic integration of e-governance technologies. The purpose of this article is to present and analyse the reform efforts carried out in Greece and Cyprus during the pandemic, proceed to a comparative analysis and highlight useful conclusions for knowledge exchange between Greece and Cyprus. The present study discusses the prospect of transforming the pandemic crisis into an opportunity for administrative upgrading.



e-governance, public administration, pandemic crisis, Greece, Cyprus