Dr Maria P. Michailidis


Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological innovations are affecting all aspects of our societies and causing some profound changes in human resource (HR) practices in business and non-profit organizations. Critical to these high tech advances is how they will affect employment patterns and the way companies will hire their workforce, influencing HR practices and the way they will manage their employees. This paper, after a short introduction, consists of three parts. The first discusses how blockchain and AI are affecting HR practices. The second looks at hiring practices at firms, while the third discusses employment patterns in the emerging age of high-tech super-automation. There is also a concluding section, discussing the implications of the forthcoming AI on employment (or unemployment) and the inevitable income inequality that is bound to develop and affect our societies.



blockchain technology, human resource management, artificial intelligence (AI), disruptive innovation


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“The Challenges of AI and Blockchain on HR Recruiting Practices”. 2021. Cyprus Review 30 (2): 169-80. https://cyprusreview.org/index.php/cr/article/view/763.