Cédric Durand


Never before has Europe been so present in public debate. From 2009 onwards, not a month has gone by without new twists in the melodramatic rifts and reconciliations between EU governments and institutions. As the region dips further into recession and social desperation, the showdown between supporters and opponents of austerity renders the macro-economic dispute the central issue, leaving the future of Europe and its people woefully unclear. But exactly what is ‘Europe’? The concept is difficult to grasp, as ‘Europe’ is both multifaceted and unstable. In a bid to break open the ‘black box’ this article proposes to set aside the events to focus on the crisis behind the events. To engage in such a discussion, one must decipher the deceptively simple question of what Europe is. Which are the forces and the principles, from post-war to the euro crisis, which animate this politico-institutional process?



European integrtion, supra-national institutional transformation, state, ortholiberalism, neoliberalism, internationalisation of capital, financial capitalism, austerity measures, class struggle

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