Professor Jury K. Krasnov Anna U. Solovieva-Oposhnynskaya Victoria V. Artiukh


Relations between Russia and Cyprus were first established on 18 August 1960, when Russia was a part of the USSR, two days after Cyprus had gained its independence from the UK on 16 August 1960 based on the Zurich-London Agreements of 1959. The Republic of Cyprus recognised Russia as a successor of the USSR on 7 April 1992. The relations between the two countries developed steadily in all spheres: political, economic, cultural, and military-technical. For this purpose, the countries have established a solid treaty and legal base, which numbers more than 50 agreements. Currently, the Russia-Cyprus relations are consolidated with emphasis on the Joint Action Plan for the period 2018-2020, as well as the Joint Declaration between the Russian Government and the Cyprus Government on cooperation in modernising their economies. The areas of practical cooperation are stated in the final protocol of the Tenth Session of the Russia-Cyprus Intergovernmental Committee for Economic Cooperation, which was signed in Moscow early in October 2007.



Russia-Cyprus relations, legal base, geopolitical contradictions, multipolar world, Russian foreign policy, Cypriot foreign policy


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