Dr Elena Maslova Sergey Zabelin Anatoly Muntyan


Being an heir of the USSR, modern Russia has always advocated independence and territorial integrity of Cyprus. It was particularly true of those historic moments when the viability of Cyprus’ Statehood was subjected to a severe ordeal. Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, encouraged, encourages, and continues to facilitate all efforts under the aegis of the UN Security Council to achieve a viable, just, and comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue. The Russian Federation tends to support and develop friendly ties with the Republic of Cyprus in all spheres. A solid system of inter-state and inter-governmental agreements and contracts that were brokered when the Cypriot State was established effectively proves that Russian-Cypriot ties are multifaceted and conducted on a high level. Legal framework of bilateral relations goes on enriching itself, while it is constantly improved against the backdrop of the world economic crisis and complexity of European and global situation. Cooperation between Russia and Cyprus is based on friendship and mutual benefits. It does not depend on temporary or instantaneous difficulties. Hence, the statement made by the Russian Foreign Minister, Mr. Lavrov, is believed to be acute, ‘Cyprus is an important and long-time partner of Russia in Europe. Our cooperation rests on the long-standing bonds of friendship and mutual sympathy, on the spiritual and cultural kinship of our people and serves the cause of security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, on the European continent as a whole’



the Cyprus issue, Russia-Cyprus relationship, the Cyprus settlement, Russia and Cyprus, United Nations


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