Mike Hajimichael


This essay reflects on three songs from Cyprus written, released and performed on/or about/around the bailout crisis of March 2013. While the songs come from three different musical genres and artists they articulate a number of themes which are pertinent to understanding the economic crisis as a possible succession of a number of political crises and unresolved wounds that go back to the 1970s. One of the essay’s main objectives is to contribute to an emerging field in contemporary Cypriot scholarship, namely that of popular music studies through a contextual analysis of songs and the art of listening (Back, 2008). The essay also aims to develop an understanding of songs as commentary, as a form of media narrative on everyday lived experiences as reflected by musicians living through economic and political crises in Cyprus.



popular music, protest, songs, ethnomusicology, Cyprus, crisis, ethnoraphy

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Andreas ICY (Fort Bravo) conducted over a number of exchanges online (Skype, Facebook and E-mail), summer/fall 2014.

Antonis (Monsieur Doumani) conducted over a number of exchanges online (Facebook and E-mail), summer/fall 2014.