Dr Haralambos A. Alexandrou


The paper analyses the arguments found in the editorials of two British newspapers, the Manchester Guardian and the Times, on the Cyprus issue. The analysis focuses mainly on the position of the newspapers’ editors on the Greek and Turkish political stands over Cyprus during the crucial period between 1954-1959. The major questions addressed are the following: to what extend did the views of the two newspapers conflict or coincide with one another? What was their starting point and what did they consider to be important in the discussion for Cyprus: Britain’s needs, Greek demands or Turkish anxieties? When did the editors publish editorials on Cyprus and what motivated them to do so? As Andreas Sophocleous wrote, the significance of the British press, as well as the Greek and the Turkish, in understanding the period 1955- 1959, is great. The paper analyses sources that, despite their significance, remain only partially explored.



British Press, British Public Opinion, Cyprus 1955-1959, Enosis, Self-Determination, Partition, EOKA

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“‘Cyprus in Twilight’: The Times and The Manchester Guardian on the Greek and Turkish Arguments, 1954-1959”. 2020. Cyprus Review 31 (2): 125-42. https://cyprusreview.org/index.php/cr/article/view/652.