Nicos Satsias


This article presents the Cypriot reality regarding Guaranteed Minimum Income which was introduced in 2014. The introduction of a completely new social protection scheme changes the philosophy for the safeguard of vulnerable groups of people although incidentally configures a new environment within society and labour market. The historical background of Cyprus is presented briefly as well as the reasons for the evolution to the new reality, which influenced both the effectiveness and the general perspectives for improvement. The EMIN programme is considered action research while it brings together academics, non-government organisations (NGO’s), social partners and people experiencing poverty and social exclusion, in an effort to progressively realise that adequate, enabling and accessible minimum income systems contribute to the reduction of poverty and additionally generate social balance. The recommendations by EMIN Cyprus present views by civil society actors and provide an independent delineate of the Cypriot system, which in this respect is considered reasonably objective.



EMIN, Cyprus, Europe, minimum income, poverty, activation, quality services