Savvas D. Georgiades


Cyprus experienced the third highest unemployment rate in the EU in  2013, 2014, and 2015. To create a profile of the Greek Cypriot unemployed, determine the psychosocial impact of unemployment, and identify risk and protective factors germane to this context, a telephone survey was conducted with 120 Greek Cypriot unemployed adults. It was further hypothesised that long-term unemployment has more pervasive destructive psychosocial effects on both the unemployed and their families and that the latter effects are exacerbated by poverty and mitigated by social support and religiosity. The study's last focus was to generate grassroots-level solutions to the problem of unemployment with implications for social policy development. Findings partially support the research hypotheses and provide insight into various government, legal, church, and society-level interventions that may help deflate the problem. Implications for knowledge development, future research, and social policy are discussed.



unemployment, Cyprus, psychosocial impact, risk and protective factors, coping mechanisms, solutions, social policy

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