Giuseppina Semola


This paper explores the historical references in Lawrence Durrell's "Bitter Lemons". It focuses on two Venetian historical characters, Caterina Cornaro and Marcantonio Bragadino, who lived in Cyprus in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and points out how their experiences in Cyprus were similar to Durrell's. It then explores briefly other Italian references in the work. The study also examines the historical periods in which Caterina Cornaro and Marcantonio Bragadino lived, and the reasons for Durrell's choice of these figures. It analyses the connections between Italian literature and history and "Bitter Lemons". The study also touches on a great part of the fascinating history of Cyprus and draws parallels between the events of the past and those of the more recent periods, while making inferences to the relevance of precedents set in the past. It also highlights once again the pivotal role Cyprus has played in political and strategic schema in this part of the world.