Christina Loizou Constantinos N. Phellas Stefan Beck Maria Karekla Michalis Talias Soteroulla Christou Costas S. Constantinou


This article focuses on the experiences of patients with Thalassaemia in Cyprus. Through a qualitative study of ten patients and their spouses, this paper shows that Thallasaemia is a restricting experience due to blood transfussions and especially iron-chelation therapy, while without such a disease patients would be able to fullfill their goals better. The research participants indicated that Thalassaemia might cause a patient to experience disruption of their routine, social life, leisure activities and identity,fatigue and stigma. The study was part of a larger quantitative study of the quality of life of patients with Thalasaemia and was co-funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund (EU). 



thalassaemia, chronic illness experience, Cyprus

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