Savvas Daniel Georgiades


It is widely accepted that Cyprus is a nation susceptible to unjust practices of favouritism, as reflected in undeserving appointments, promotions, privileged employment transfers, access to services, and so on. Despite these  alarming observations, no previous empirical study illuminated the parameters of this problem in Cyprus or unravelled avenues of its prevention. With this important knowledge gap in mind, the present study set out to measure public opinion in an effort to evaluate the extent of the problem in Cyprus and identify mechanisms for rectifying it. To collect data, a telephone survey was used with a randomly selected sample of 150 Greek Cypriots (a response rate of 74 per cent). The results corroborate anecdotal evidence pinpointing the widespread nature of favouritism in Cyprus and suggest cultural, attitudinal, organisational, and legislative solutions. The findings are situated within a global context, and implications are derived for prevention, social work intervention, cross-national collaboration, and future research.


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