Emel Akçali


The island of Cyprus has a multicultural population. Today, besides its native Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Maronite, Latin Cypriot and Gypsy population, it is also the home of Anatolians, who have gradually settled on the island from Turkey since 1974; Pontians who came from Georgia via Greece together with various other immigrants since the 1990s; the Jews; and the British. Despite this diversity, a solution to the Cyprus problem is still under the monopoly of Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot aspirations, with a resolution oriented between either a bi-zonal/bicommunal federation or a liberal democratic unitary state. This paper presents the so far little pronounced ‘Other Cypriots’: the Armenians, the Maronites, the Latins, the Gypsies as well as the newcomers, the Turkish settlers, the Pontians, the immigrants, and their socio-economic and political problems. In so doing, it aims to draw attention to the necessity of multicultural politics in today’s governing policies, and in future settlement efforts of the Cyprus conflict.



Cyprus Question, Cypriot Maronites, Cypriot Armenians, Cypriot Latins, Pontians, Turkish settlers, the British, the Cypriot Jews, the Cypriot Gypsies

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