Theodora Christodoulidou


The legal status of the buffer zone in Cyprus, its regulation and operation is ambiguous. The present article argues that it is not clear what the legal basis of the
buffer zone is: is it an agreement between the two respective armies/states in the conflict? (i.e. Cypriot National Guard and Turkish army or Republic of Cyprus and
Turkey); is it an implied agreement/acquiescence in case a formal one is not found? Has it been established by the United Nations (UN) Security Council (SC) resolution
under Chapter VI of the UN Charter? This ambiguity regarding the basis of the zone raises further questions: who regulates its operation? What activities are permitted
in the buffer zone? Are civilian activities permitted in the buffer zone? This paper attempts to tackle some of the most complex questions on the buffer zone in Cyprus.



buffer zone, @green line@, UNFICYP, Cyprus peacekeeping operation, SC mandate


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