Christalla Yakinthou


Since 2004, there has been movement around the missing persons’ issue. The most important set of events has been significant progress by the United Nations’ (UN) Committee for Missing Persons (CMP) in locating and exhuming bodies buried in mass graves all over the island. The continual unearthing of remains is keeping the missing persons issue in the public consciousness in a very different way to what has become, over the years, its ‘normal’ presentation. In addition, there are a number of recent legal cases which may also be significant to the issue’s changing public conceptualisation. This paper focuses its attention on the potential of the CMP’s progress, the civil cases against the Republic of Cyprus, and the case of Varnavas a.o. v. Turkey to change the public persona of the missing persons issue
in Greek-Cypriot society, and points out that any changes to the dynamics of the issue could also have significant impact on the Greek-Cypriot conceptualisation of the Cyprus problem as a whole.



Missing Persons, Agnooumenoi, Public Perception of Conflict, Developments in Cyprus Conflict


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“The Quiet Deflation of Den Xehno? Changes in the Greek Cypriot Communal Narrative on the Missing Persons in Cyprus”. 2018. Cyprus Review 20 (1): 15-33. https://cyprusreview.org/index.php/cr/article/view/257.