Costas Melakopides


In contrast to erstwhile arguments to the effect that the EU has no, or only limited, role to play in the settlement of the convoluted Cyprus Question, this essay will try to show, first, that, not only has the EU been actively involved in the concomitant issues for years, but this involvement has been perforce enhanced since the Republic of Cyprus joined the EU on 1 May 2004. Second, the profound legal, political and ethical anomaly caused by the continuing Turkish occupation of 37% of Cyprus should mobilise the EU even further, since the illegal occupation of Cypriot territory entails today the military occupation of EU territory. Third, the EU’s self-proclaimed principles and values should be applied fully to the Republic of Cyprus on pain of a striking normative selfcontradiction. Finally, while the EU’s obligation to facilitate the settlement of the Cyprus Question is demonstrable, its satisfaction will bring about enormous benefits, beyond the Greek and Turkish Cypriots, to Turkey, Greece, and the EU itself.



'Normative power Europe', Cyprus Question, EU principles and values, Turkey's EU candidacy, Cyprus' 'ethical acquis'

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