Maria Georgiou Elizabeth Meins


Greek Cypriot (N=272) and British (N=170) students completed assessments of (a) perceptions of childhood relationships with parents, (b) peer attachment, and (c) self-esteem. In comparison with British students, Greek Cypriot students were more likely to classify their relationships with peers as insecure, and perceived both of their parents to be more overprotective. In both the Greek Cypriot and British samples, individuals who classified relationships with peers as secure perceived their mothers to have been more caring and less overprotective, and had higher self-esteem compared to individuals who classified relationships with peers as preoccupied or fearful. Regardless of nationality, higher self-esteem was related to higher perceived parental care and lower perceived parental overprotection. The results are discussed with reference to differences in family structure in Cyprus and the UK.



parental bonding, peer attachment, culture, self-esteem

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