Sotos Ktoris


The purpose of this paper is to explore the political relations between AKEL and the Turkish Cypriot community during the period 1941–1955. AKEL’s post-1974 policies towards the Turkish Cypriots had led to a political misconception concerning its political relations with the Turkish Cypriot community for the period that preceded 1955. Undeniably, AKEL’s attitude to the Turkish Cypriots had diachronically been much more liberal and tolerant than the approach expressed by many nationalist – Right-wing politicians. However, AKEL’s attempt to employ ‘class rhetoric’ in order to allure the minority into the ‘Greek Cypriot national liberation struggle’ had little effect upon the Turkish Cypriot masses. Contrary to the ideological and social divisions that cut across the Greek Cypriot community, the fear of enosis within the Turkish Cypriot community dominated political and ideological discussions. The political elite of the Turkish Cypriot community perceived AKEL not only as a ‘national’ threat but as an ideological menace as well.



AKEL, PEO, KTMBP, KTIBK, communicsm, enosis, contempt, Turkish Cypriots, nationalism, anti-communism

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